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wire (n) [electricity] fil de fer (n) {m} [electricity]
wire (n) [metals] fil de fer (n) {m} [metals]
wire (v) [electronic communication]
  • wired
  • wire
  • wire
  • wired
  • wired
télégraphier (v) [electronic communication]
  • aies télégraphié
  • aient télégraphié
  • télégraphies
  • télégraphient
wire (v) [electronic communication]
  • wired
  • wire
  • wire
  • wired
  • wired
câbler (v) [electronic communication]
  • aies câblé
  • aient câblé
  • câbles
  • câblent
wire (n) [electronic communication] télégramme (n) {m} [electronic communication]
wire (n) [electronic communication] câblogramme (n) {m} [electronic communication]
wire (n) [electronic communication] câble (n) {m} [electronic communication]
wire (n) [metals] fil métallique (n) {m} [metals]

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EN Synonymes pour wire FR Traductions
lift [grip] steel
handle [grip] hanteer
rope [band] tou
tie [band] das
electronic mail [telegraph] epos
light [outfit with electric wiring] belig
heat [outfit with electric wiring] hitte
junction [coupling] aansluiting
band [coupling] skare
binding [coupling] band
switch on [turn on] aanskakel
link [turn on] skakel
connect [turn on] verbind
channel [transmitter] kanaal
chain [thing] huidige
turn on [connect] aanskakel