La recherche du mot thought a 8 plusieurs résultats
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thought (n) [purpose] intention (n) {f} [purpose]
thought (n) [purpose] dessein (n) {m} [purpose]
thought (n) [consideration] considération (n) {f} [consideration]
thought (n) [mental activity] réflexion (n) {f} [mental activity]
thought idée {f}
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thought (n) [form created in the mind] idée (n) {f} [form created in the mind]
thought (n) [mental activity] idée (n) {f} [mental activity]
thought (n) [mental activity] pensée (n) {f} [mental activity]

Anglais Français traductions

EN Synonymes pour thought FR Traductions
idea [guess] idé
surmise [guess] (formal antage (v n)
assumption [opinion] formode
notice [attention] iagttagelse
regard [attention] se på
note [attention] billet
mind [attention] fornuft
consideration [attention] overvejelse
concept [notion] koncept {n}
abstraction [notion] tyveri {n}
image [indication] figur
impression [indication] indtryk
attention [close attention] opmærksomhed
deliberation [close attention] rådslagning (n)
concern [close attention] sorg
concentration [close attention] koncentration
fear [anxiety] være bange
care [anxiety] sorg
burden [anxiety] læs (n v)
reason [view] årsag