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through (a) [finished] (informal) fini (a) {m} [finished]
through (o) [reason] (informal) par suite de (o) [reason]
through (o) [reason] (informal) à cause de (o) [reason]
through (o) [adverb] (informal) par (o) {m} [adverb]
through (o) [means] (informal) par (o) {m} [means]
EN Anglais FR Français
through (o) [reason] (informal) par (o) {m} [reason]
through (a) [finished] (informal) terminé (a) [finished]
through (o) [time] (informal) la nuit entière (o) [time]
through (o) [time] (informal) jusqu'au bout de la nuit (o) [time]
through (o) [time] (informal) jusqu'à la fin de la nuit (o) [time]
through (o) [general] (informal) sous (o) [general]
through (o) [adverb] (informal) à travers (o) [adverb]
through (o) [general] (informal) à travers (o) [general]
through (o) [means] (informal) moyennant (o) [means]

Anglais Français traductions

EN Synonymes pour through FR Traductions
beyond [position] forbi (prep adv adj n)
behind [position] bagved
by [position] af
across [position] tværs
nearby [position] nær
past [position] fortid
continuous [non-stop] uafbrudt
round [via] rund (adj n)
finished [completed] færdig
right [direct] til højre
straight [direct] lige
on [part of speech]
during [part of speech] imitlertid