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shield (v) [person]
  • shielded
  • shield
  • shield
  • shielded
  • shielded
protéger (v) [person]
  • aies protégé
  • aient protégé
  • protèges
  • protègent
shield (n) [heraldry] blason (n) {m} [heraldry]
shield (n v) [anything that protects or defends] bouclier (n v) {m} [anything that protects or defends]
shield (n) [history] bouclier (n) {m} [history]
shield (n) [police] bouclier (n) {m} [police]

Anglais Français traductions

EN Synonymes pour shield FR Traductions
protection [safety] amparo {m}
immunity [safety] inmunidad {f}
defense [safety] defensa {f}
invulnerability [safety] invulnerabilidad {f}
salvation [safety] salvación {f}
shelter [safety] asilo {m}
security [safety] confianza {f}
defence [protection] defensa {f}
safety [protection] seguridad {f}
safeguard [protection] fusible {m}
bulwark [protection] amurada (n v)
aegis [protection] égida {f}
guard [protection] vanguardia {f}
defend [guard] defender
protect [guard] patrocinar
save [guard] (formal ahorrar
preserve [guard] confitura
covering [complete covering] cobertura {f}
panoply [complete covering] panoplia {f}
observe [protect] percibir