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hollow (a) [words] futile (a) [words]
hollow (a) [cavernous] creux (a) {m} [cavernous]
hollow (a) [general] creux (a) {m} [general]
hollow (a) [cavernous] caverneux (a) [cavernous]
hollow (a) [words] vain (a) [words]

Anglais Français traductions

EN Synonymes pour hollow FR Traductions
valley [vale] dal
dale [vale] dal
void [nature] tom
opening [nature] åbning
chasm [nature] afgrund (n)
hole [nature] hul
basin [thing] kumme
bowl [thing] kumme
cave [small cave] hule
cellar [small cave] kælder
den [small cave] hule
grotto [small cave] grotte (n)
pit [excavation] kærne
quarry [excavation] stenbrud
mine [hole in the ground] mine
tunnel [hole in the ground] tunnel
excavation [hole in the ground] udgravning
groove [channel] rende
furrow [channel] fold
cup [channel] kop