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consecutive (adj) [following, in succession, without interruption] consécutif (adj) [following, in succession, without interruption]
consecutive (a) [successive] consécutif (a) [successive]
consecutive (a) [successive] successif (a) [successive]

Anglais Français traductions

EN Synonymes pour consecutive FR Traductions
connected [uninterrupted] gekoppeld
continuous [uninterrupted] onafgebroken
successive [uninterrupted] opeenvolgend
ordered [in the order of the alphabet] ordelijk
systematic [in the order of the alphabet] systematisch
alphabetical [in the order of the alphabet] alfabetisch
every other [in turn] om de andere
sequential [in turn] opeenvolgend
reciprocal [in turn] (formal onderling
alternate [in turn] beurtelings
whole [property] heel
entire [property] integraal {m}
uniform [property] consistent
continued [property] voortgezet
regular [property] gestadig
solid [property] gedegen
coherent [joined in order] samenhangend
associated [joined in order] geassocieerd
undivided [joined in order] ongedeeld (adj)
contiguous [joined in order] aangrenzend