La recherche du mot as well as a 9 plusieurs résultats
EN Anglais FR Français
as well as (o) [besides] en dehors de (o) [besides]
as well as (o) [besides] hormis (o) [besides] (formal)
as well as (o) [besides] outre (o) [besides]
as well as (o) [general] et aussi (o) [general]
as well as (o) [general] et également (o) [general]
as well as (o) [general] et en outre (o) [general]
as well as (o) [besides] en plus de (o) [besides]
as well as et
as well as ainsi que

EN FR Traductions pour as

as (o) [in the same way as] que (o) [in the same way as]
as (o) [conjunction] comme (o) [conjunction]
as (o) [in the same way as] comme (o) [in the same way as]
as (o) [reason] comme (o) [reason]
as (o) [reason] parce que (o) [reason]
as (o) [reason] puisque (o) [reason]
as (o) [reason] vu que (o) [reason]
as (o) [reason] étant donné que (o) [reason]
as (o) [reason] car (o) [reason]
as (o) [comparison] tout comme (o) [comparison]

EN FR Traductions pour well

well (o) [interjection] enfin (o) [interjection]
well puits {m}
well (n) [water] puits (n) {m} [water]
well (o) [interjection] et alors (o) [interjection]
well (o) [interjection] et puis (o) [interjection]
well bien {m}
well (o) [degree] bien (o) {m} [degree]
well (o) [general] bien (o) {m} [general]
well (o) [manner] bien (o) {m} [manner]
well (o) [degree] beaucoup (o) [degree]

Anglais Français traductions

EN Synonymes pour as well as FR Traductions
including [in addition to] incluant
together with [in addition to] et
aside from [over and above] autre que
beyond [over and above] au-dessus de
apart from [over and above] en plus de
else [over and above] autre
besides [over and above] du reste
as well [addition] en outre
moreover [addition] au surplus
further [addition] davantage
too [addition] aussi