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giovane(n)[young persons, collectively]{m} jeunesse(n){f}[young persons, collectively]
giovane(n)[young man]{m} homme(n)[young man](m] suffisant [o)
giovane(n)[bambino]{m} gars(n){m}[bambino]
giovane(n)[young persons, collectively]{m} les(n)[young persons, collectively]
giovane(adj adv n)[young]{m} petit(adj adv n){m}[young]
giovane{m} jeune{m}
giovane(a)[generale]{m} jeune(a){m}[generale]
giovane(adj n v)[in the early part of life or growth]{m} jeune(adj n v){m}[in the early part of life or growth]
giovane(adj adv n)[young]{m} jeune(adj adv n){m}[young]
giovane(n)[young man]{m} jeune(n){m}[young man]
giovane(n)[young person]{m} jeune(n){m}[young person]

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