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stand (n) [A small stall for the display and sale of goods] booth (n) [A small stall for the display and sale of goods]
FR Synonymes pour stand EN Traductions
rayon [étalage] m pasillo {m}
EN Anglais FR Français
stand (v) [mental condition] soutenir (v) [mental condition]
stand (n) [law] barre des témoins (n) {f} [law]
stand (n) [vehicles] station (n) {f} [vehicles]
stand (n) [market] emplacement (n) {m} [market]
stand (v) [rule] rester sans changement (v) [rule]
stand (v) [rule] demeurer valable (v) [rule]
stand (v) [rule] demeurer en vigueur (v) [rule]
stand (n) [market] baraque (n) {f} [market]
stand (v) [person] voir (v) [person] (informal)
stand (v) [pain] endurer (v) [pain]
stand (v) [pain] tolérer (v) [pain]
stand (v) [posture] être debout (v) [posture]
stand être debout
stand (v) [person] supporter (v) {m} [person]
stand (v) [pain] supporter (v) {m} [pain]
stand (v) [mental condition] supporter (v) {m} [mental condition]
stand (v) [person] sentir (v) [person]
stand (v) [mental condition] essuyer (v) [mental condition]
stand se tenir debout

Anglais Français traductions

EN Synonymes pour stand FR Traductions
rise [movement] stå op
climb [movement] klatre
arise [movement] (formal være født
opinion [perspective] mening
attitude [perspective] stilling
tolerate [endure] tåle
bear [endure] føde
put up with [endure] tåle
stomach [endure] mave (n v)
support [endure] støtte (adj n v)
bottom [thing] bund
foot [thing] pote
rest [thing] ro
base [thing] basis (n)
push [deed] stød
labour [deed] Ü|en| arbejde
exertion [deed] anstrengelse
effort [deed] forsøg
perspective [viewpoint] udsigt (n v)
stance [position] udtalelse