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since (o) [conjunction] car (o) [conjunction]
since entre temps
since (o) [time] dès (o) [time]
since (o) [time] depuis lors (o) [time]
since (o) [time] depuis (o) [time]
EN Anglais FR Français
since (a) [time] depuis (a) [time]
since (o) [time] dans l'intervalle (o) [time]
since (a) [time] il y a (a) [time]
since (o) [reason] car (o) [reason]
since (o) [reason] comme (o) [reason]
since (o) [reason] étant donné que (o) [reason]
since (adv prep conj) [because] étant donné que (adv prep conj) [because]
since (o) [reason] vu que (o) [reason]
since (adv prep conj) [because] vu que (adv prep conj) [because]
since (o) [reason] puisque (o) [reason]
since (adv prep conj) [because] puisque (adv prep conj) [because]
since (o) [reason] parce que (o) [reason]

Anglais Français traductions

EN Synonymes pour since FR Traductions
following [position] volgende
behind [position] agterent
below [position] onderaan
next [position] volgende
after [position] oor
because [part of speech] omdat
as [part of speech] soos
during [while] tydens
whilst [while] gedurende
subsequently [sequence] later
ago [time] gelede
for [because] terwyl