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occurrence (n) [event] événement (n) {m} [event]
occurrence (n) [general] événement (n) {m} [general]
occurrence (n) [presence] existence (n) {f} [presence]
occurrence (n) [general] fait (n) {m} [general]
occurrence (n) [event] circonstance (n) {f} [event]

Anglais Français traductions

EN Synonymes pour occurrence FR Traductions
feeling [encountering] Regung (f)
experience [encountering] Routine {f}
eventuality [affair] (formal möglicher Fall
case [affair] Setzkasten
circumstance [affair] Verhältnisse
episode [affair] Zwischenstück
happening [affair] vorkommend
incident [affair] Vorkommnis (n)
event [affair] Vorgang {m}
situation [happening] Sachlage (f)
status [happening] Stellung {f}
time [happening] Zeitpunkt {m} (m)
incidence [frequency] Häufigkeit
proportion [frequency] (formal Relation {f}
fraction [frequency] Teil {n}
ratio [frequency] Verhältnis (Quotient)
standard [frequency] Wertmaßstab
rate [frequency] Stand {m}
frequency [rate of occurrence] Häufigkeitszahl
range [rate of occurrence] Skala {f}