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escort (v) [general] accompagner (v) [general]
escort (n v) [To attend to in order to guard and protect] escorter (n v) [To attend to in order to guard and protect]
escort (v) [general] escorter (v) [general]
escort (v) [protection] escorter (v) [protection]
escort (n) [companionship - man] cavalier (n) {m} [companionship - man]
escort (n) [companionship - woman] hôtesse (n) {f} [companionship - woman]
escort (n) [military] escorte (n) {f} [military]
escort (n) [military] convoi (n) {m} [military]

Anglais Français traductions

EN Synonymes pour escort FR Traductions
chaperon [action] escopeta {f}
accompany [action] acompa ar
go with [action] encajar con
follow [action] perseguir
attend [action] participar
pick up [come to get] derogar
collect [come to get] juntar
call for [come to get] postular
cavalier [gentleman] caballero {m}
gallant [gentleman] galán
aristocrat [gentleman] aristócrata {f}
see [activity] sede {f}
leader [person] líder {m}
director [person] directora {f}
helmsman [person] timonel {m}
pilot [person] conducir {m}
steersman [person] timonero {m}
guide [person] instruir
attendance [armed guard] vigilancia {f}
guard [armed guard] vanguardia {f}