Français Anglais
forces alliées Allied Forces
forces armées armed forces
Forces armées britanniques British Armed Forces
Forces armées camerounaises Military of Cameroon
Forces armées canadiennes Canadian Armed Forces
Forces armées de la fédération de Russie Armed Forces of the Russian Federation
Forces armées de la République de Chine Military of the Republic of China
Forces armées de la République démocratique du Congo Military of the Democratic Republic of the Congo
Forces armées des États-Unis Military of the United States
Forces armées du Sénégal Military of Senegal
Forces armées espagnoles Spanish Armed Forces
Forces armées polonaises Polish Armed Forces
Forces armées royales Military of Morocco
Forces armées révolutionnaires de Colombie Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia
Forces armées turques Turkish Armed Forces
Forces aériennes Air force
Forces aériennes royales Royal Moroccan Air Force
Forces canadiennes Canadian Forces
forces de l'ordre police force
Forces démocratiques de libération du Rwanda Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda
Forces en jeu Forces at work
Forces françaises en Allemagne Allied Occupation Zones in Germany
Forces françaises libres Free French Forces
Forces libanaises Lebanese Forces
Forces nationales de libération National Liberation Front
Forces productives Productive forces
Forces rwandaises de défense Military of Rwanda
Forces terrestres de la République de Croatie Croatian Ground Army
Forceur de blocus Blockade runner
Forcey Forcey
Forchheim Forchheim
Forcing Pressure
forcé unnatural
forcément out of necessity
Ford Ford Motor Company
Ford A Ford Model A
Ford Aspire Ford Aspire
Ford Escort Ford Escort
Ford F-Series Ford F-Series
Ford Fiesta Ford Fiesta
Ford Focus Ford Focus
Ford Freestar Ford Freestar
Ford Madox Brown Ford Madox Brown
Ford MODEL U Ford Motor Company
Ford Mondeo Ford Mondeo
Ford S-Max Ford S-MAX
Ford Sierra Ford Sierra
Ford T Ford Model T
Ford Taunus Ford Taunus
Ford Trimotor Ford Trimotor
Ford-A Izhorskiy FAI armoured car
Fordisme Fordism
Foreign and Commonwealth Office Foreign and Commonwealth Office
Forel-sur-Lucens Forel-sur-Lucens
forensique forensic
forer bore
Forest National Forest National
Forest Stewardship Council Forest Stewardship Council
Forest Whitaker Forest Whitaker
Forest-en-Cambrésis Forest-en-Cambrésis
Foresterie Forestry
forestier forester